Contact Lens Exam and Fitting

Contact lenses are often used as an alternative to glasses. Your Optometrist can ensure that your contact lenses properly correct your vision and attend to your eye health needs. There are many different varieties of contact lens styles and brands available in the market today. However, all contact lenses are not created equal. Different products cater to different needs of the eyes. Your Optometrist will ensure optimal vision, comfort and eye health by recommending the best lens for your eyes.

At Dr. Birring Eyecare, we ensure:

-The proper contact lens prescription, curvature, and modality based on lifestyle needs, and measurements of your eye curvature, tear chemistry and prescription.
-The appropriate selection of a care system and solutions based on compatibility with different lens materials and compatibility with your eyes.
-Professional monitoring to ensure optimum eye health, good vision and comfortable wear
-Updates with new lens technology that may better suit your particular vision needs or lifestyle demands

Regular monitoring by your Optometrist will also ensure that any discomfort or vision change is detected early before any serious problems arise.

Buying Contact Lenses Online:

Contact lenses are medical devices which sit directly on your corneas. It is essential that you get lenses that fit correctly and are suitable to your vision needs. Many online sites sell products that have not been approved by Health Canada, and the safety of these products has not been tested. At Dr. Birring Eye Care we only fit lenses that are approved by Health Canada and are authentic, accurate and safe to wear.

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