Does OHIP cover my examination?
OHIP covers the yearly examination for children 19 years of age or younger and for seniors 65 years of age or older. OHIP does not cover contact lens fittings or contact lens assessments, which are required for contact lens wearing patients. OHIP does not cover the

OHIP Coverage for Eye Examinations
Ontario’s OHIP coverage for all aspects of healthcare is always an evolving process.

If you are in doubt about the details of what is covered and not covered above and beyond the information listed here, please consult us.

Generally, OHIP provides the following coverage:
Children aged 0 to 19 years:
One full eye examination annually

Adults aged 20 to 64 years:
One full eye examination annually for people with certain medical conditions.
Check with us for further details.

Seniors aged 65 and above:
One full eye examination annually
We recommend that it is always a good idea to talk to optometrist about your coverage. Your optometrist will be able to evaluate and comment on your specific needs and coverage levels in detail.

Although OHIP provides good coverage in most cases, there are aspects of eye and vision care that are not covered under OHIP.

Optometric Services NOT Covered by OHIP include:
•Additional eye examinations or second opinions within the periods listed above
•Eye examinations that are required by potential employers or other third parties (e.g. Ministry of Transportation and associated reporting forms)
•Contact Lens Progress Checks
•Laser Refractive Surgery management (pre and post-operative) visits
•Recommended Treatments such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, low vision aids, eye co-ordination exercises, eye medications
•Pachymetry, which we perform on our patients. There is an additional charge for this test should you decide to have it included in the eye examination. Please ask us for details.

Stay Tuned for Updates